Food Justice Conference crucial platform for tackling challenges

Doha, Qatar: First Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of Uzbekistan H E Prof Akmal Saidov has said that the International Conference on Food Justice has provided a crucial platform for global leaders, experts, and advocates to converge and tackle the multifaceted challenges related to food justice and security.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Saidov who is also Director of the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan said that the conference was very important in ensuring the right to food for everyone worldwide.

The International Conference on Food Justice from a Human Rights Perspective: Challenges of Reality and Future Stakes was organiswed by the Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) in Doha last week.

 “It provides an opportunity to share insights, experiences, and innovative strategies to address the pressing issues of hunger, malnutrition, and the inequities within the global food system,” said Saidov.

He said that by focusing on accessibility and eligibility rather than merely increasing food production, the conference aims to tackle the underlying issues of food insecurity, such as economic and social inequalities, organised violence, armed conflict, and environmental challenges.

“This approach emphasises the importance of establishing global food systems that are resilient, sustainable, and equitable, ensuring that everyone has access to sufficient, available, and affordable food,” said Saidov. 

Furthermore, he said that the conference’s setting in Doha underlines Qatar’s commitment to contributing to global efforts in ensuring basic human rights, including the right to food.  “It allows for the exchange of ideas and promotes international collaboration, which is essential for creating sustainable changes in food policies and practices across the globe,” said Saidov.

In essence, he said that this conference is a step forward in the collective journey towards a world where food justice is realised for all, making it an important event in the global human rights agenda.

He said that Qatar and the National Human Rights Committee’s role in the global efforts to ensure basic rights, particularly through hosting the International Conference on “Food Justice from a Human Rights Perspective,” signifies a practical and influential contribution to the worldwide human rights agenda.

“This initiative places them at the forefront of addressing global challenges related to food justice, demonstrating their commitment to facilitating dialogue, sharing knowledge, and nurturing international cooperation,” said Saidov. He said that Qatar and the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) plays a big role in supporting people’s rights around the world, not just about food.

“They organise important meetings, work with international groups, and support many different causes like education, work rights, and equality. Their work helps bring attention to these issues and find ways to solve them, showing their strong commitment to making sure everyone’s rights are respected and protected everywhere,” said Saidov. Through these efforts, he said Qatar and the NHRC contribute significantly to global efforts to ensure the basic rights of people, particularly the right to food, highlighting the country’s dedication to humanitarian responsibility, world peace, and the resolution of conflicts that impact food security.

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